The Intelligent National Productivity and Quality Specifications (iNPQS)

The first National Productivity and Quality Specifications (NPQS) is a set of standard specifications for building projects. It covers Architectural, Civil & Structure and Mechanical & Electrical works.   NPQS was developed and managed by Building and Construction Authority (BCA) in collaboration with Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA), Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES) and Association of Consulting Engineers Singapore (ACES).  NPQS was first launched in 2004 and the subscription service terminated in Nov 2012. 

SIA, IES, ACES with BCA support embarked on the redevelopment of NPQS to produce a new form of object-based digital specifications.  The new NPQS system, renamed iNPQS for Intelligent National Productivity and Quality Specifications will allow architects, engineers and specification writers to create specifications from reference standard templates which can be customised to suit each individual project and adaptable to current and future design software and shall be a cloud-based BIM-enabled specification.  

The iNPQS software covers public Residential, private Residential (non-landed), Industrial, Infrastructure and Commercial projects and is expected to complete by 2020.