A) Application Form

For the application of SIA Membership, kindly download the application form HERE.

SIA collects and manages Personal Data, subject to the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act. Please click HERE to view the SIA Personal Data Protection Policy.

B) Categories of Membership

1) Corporate Membership

For applicant who is registered within the provisions of the Architects Act (No 14 of 1976) as amended or re-enacted from time to time.

2) Associate Membership (applicant may apply under any one of the following criteria)

i) For applicant who has undergone and complete a course of education in architecture in schools or universities accepted by the Board of Architects, Singapore(BOA).

ii) For applicant who is not registered and not qualified to be registered within the provisions of the Act but who is engaged in architectural work under the supervision of an architect with a practising certificate in Singapore and who graduates with degree(s) acceptable to Council.

iii) For applicant who is voting member of organisations which are members of Architects Regional Council Asia, Commonwealth Association of Architects or International Union of Architects.

New Reduced Associate Membership Fee For New Graduates

For applicants who join as Associate Members immediately upon graduation. Such Associate members may enjoy a reduced membership fee for the first 4 years as Associate Members. The Entrance Fee for Associate Member remains at S$500.00 (inclusive of 7% GST).
1st Year Annual Subscription        S$   50.00 (inclusive of 7% GST)

2nd Year Annual Subscription       S$ 100.00 (inclusive of 7% GST)

3rd Year Annual Subscription        S$ 150.00 (inclusive of 7% GST)

4th Year Annual Subscription        S$ 200.00 (inclusive of 7% GST)

3) Student Membership

For applicant who is currently engaged in the study of a course in architecture in a school acceptable to the Council or undergraduates from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).

Note: A student member engaged in the study of architectural does not qualify to be a student member for 10 years or more after he/she has stated his/her course of study.

4) Retired Membership

For transfer to Corporate (Retired) Member, who shall be Corporate Members who are no longer in active practice as architects and shall not be less that 60 years old.

C) Transfer of Membership

Every applicant for transfer to another category of membership shall submit with his/her application form the difference between the full amount of annual subscription paid by him/her in respect of the category of membership to which he then belongs and the full amount of the annual subscription payable in respect of the category of membership to which he is applying to be transferred, regardless of the date of application and provided always that the Council shall in no event be liable to make any refunds to the applicant where the subscription payable in respect of the latter category are lower that those payable in respect of the former.

D) Payment Mode

Payment of membership fees are to be made via PayNow to Singapore Institute of Architects, UEN: S63SS0027H and include the “Application of SIA Membership, <name of application>” in the transaction reference/description.

E) Membership Fees

Prices are inclusive of 7% GST

CategoryEntrance FeeAnnual SubscriptionTotal
Fellow MemberS$1500.00S$ 1500.00
Corporate MemberS$ 1000.00S$ 550.00S$ 1550.00
Associate MemberS$ 500.00S$ 250.00S$ 750.00
Fellow (Retired) MemberS$ 550.00S$ 550.00
Corporate (Retired) Member$250.00S$ 250.00
Student MemberS$ 50.00S$50.00

Please email completed form and its supporting document to Thank you.

Thank you.