Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee (ADR)

The ADR Committee oversees SIA’s provision of ADR-related services to the construction industry, addresses issues and participates in dialogue in regard to ADR in the construction industry, and promotes awareness and understanding of ADR to both SIA members and the wider construction industry.

The SIA forms of building contract contain provisions for the Arbitration, Expert Determination and Mediation modes of ADR. Correspondingly, SIA has published on this website various panel listings, rules and codes of conduct for Arbitration, Expert Determination and Mediation.

In this regard, SIA has also established in-house procedural guidelines for Arbitrators, Expert Determinators and Mediators to be appointed by the SIA President upon party request. Instructions for submitting a request for appointment are contained in this website or SIA can be contacted by email at the address stated above.

Consideration of other modes of ADR such as Statutory Adjudication, Non-Statutory Adjudication, Dispute Boards, etc also fall under the ambit of the ADR Committee. Issues in regard to Expert Witness services are considered as ‘architectural services’ and should be referred to the SIA Architects Appointment Committee.


Arbitration Rules

SIA Panel of Arbitrators

Code of Conduct_Of_Arbitrators_Category_A_-_B.pdf

Eligibility Criteria
Category A

Category B


SIA Expert Determination Rules

SIA Panel of Expert Determinators

Code of Conduct


SIA Mediation Rules

SIA Panel of Mediators

Code of Conduct

SIA Administrative Fees
Arbitration (appointment of Arbitrator)
Administrative fee of $1090.00(inclusive of 9% GST)

Expert Determination (appointment of Expert Determinator)
Administrative fee of $545.00(inclusive of 9% GST)

Mediation (appointment of Mediator)
Administrative fee of $545.00(inclusive of 9% GST)

Co-Chairpersons: Ar. Pauline Sim
Ar. Choy Kah Kin
Advisor: Ar. Chan Kok Way
Ar. Darren Benger
Legal Advisor: Mr. Raymond Chan
Members: Ar. James Leow  
Ar. Lim Hseng Iu
Ar. Tan Tyginn
Mr. Johnny Tan
Ms.Wendy Koh