Architect’s Scope of Service

The Architect’s Appointment Committee has been reviewing the SIA Blue Book scope of service for Basic and Additional Services.  The objectives of the review are to provide clarity to the industry on the Architect’s role(s) and scope of service, and to align the scope of service with the SIA Practice Management Framework (PMF) scheduled to be launched on Q4 2018 as part of the larger objective to enable Architects to improve practice management and project delivery, reduce scope creep and be remunerated for services fairly.

An extended version including Specialist Service will be uploaded in due course.  In addition, this matrix will continue to be developed to provide more detailed description and links to the SIA e-contract to enable Architects to more clearly state their scope of service in their consultancy agreements.
The SIA Scope of Service Matrix is not mandatory.  Architects should note that their scope of service is dependent on what is specifically stated in their respective consultancy agreements.  The matrix is intended to serve as a reference for Architects and the public on what the industry norm is, and can also be used to educate clients on the need to engage the necessary specialists for works not included under Basic or Additional Service.

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