The Institute established the Green Committee in 2008 with the aim to celebrate excellence in sustainable design in the areas of green design, green practice and community outreach.

The Green Committee was renamed the Sustainability Committee in 2010 to reflect a more maturing understanding of “sustainability”, as the Institute embarks on a more holistic approach to guide the Committee forward.

The SIA Sustainability Committee endeavours to promote a culture of green and integrated design for the Architect in Singapore. Led by Tan Szue Hann, and advised by Kuan Chee Yung, the vision for the SIA Sustainability Committee this Council year is three-prong:

  1. Building up a community of sustainability-focused Architects
  2. Sustainability as a crucial lynchpin of excellence in the built environment
  3. Relevance in Practice, Design and Education, through Outreach

The vision would be guided by programmes organised in the following pillars:

  1. SiD – Sustainability in Design
  2. SiP – Sustainability in Practice
  3. SiE – Sustainability in Education
  4. SiC – Sustainability in Climate Change

Publication of Attributes of a Sustainable Built Environment (ASBE)

SIA has completed the two-stage document on the Policy Paper on ASBE. The hardcopy publication was printed in February 2013. A softcopy of the completed publication is also available for download via the SIA Website.

SIA Green Book

The ‘SIA Green Book’ was published on 21 May 2019.

This book is a cornerstone of our profession’s transformation, framing a direct response to the deep socio-ecological crisis of the Anthropocene age. It positions our profession as one that is aware and engaged with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the New Urban Agenda as well as other recent developments within the environmental sphere including within the finance industry, international environmental law and associated global agreements.

The book is a professional guide that articulates how as a profession, we place sustainability at the heart of our professional practice. The Green Book is inextricably linked to the SIA Industry Transformation Map (ITM), the SIA Scope of service Matrix and the SIA conditions of Appointment and Architects Services.

The book introduces the new framework in which we demonstrate how our practice of Architecture can drive the highest possible ambition to increase the resilience of people and of ecosystems in the context of climate change, whilst integrating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The 11 Attributes of a Sustainable Built Environment (ASBE) have been regrouped and
consolidated into 7 Environmental Design Goals, comprising:


1.      Education and Integration

2.     Climate Action

3.     Natural Capital

4.     Resource Management

5.     Urban Harmony

6.     Health and Wellbeing

7.      Adaptability and Longevity