Publications Committee


The Singapore Architect (TSA) magazine

The Singapore Architect Magazine is a quarterly periodical that examines the essence of architecture. It is the representation of the intrinsic skills of the architect as well as continuing discourses on Singapore as the principal context.

The Singapore Architect Magazine has a growing number of more than 2000 readership, a wide range of industry professionals from Architects, Interior Designers, Consultants, Property Developers, Project Managers, Building Contractors, Government Ministries, University Students and Institutions.

Themes of the four issues published in 2019/2020 are as follows:

  • TSA 14: Have Faith
  • TSA15: Constructed Landscape
  • TSA 16: Be Agile (tentative)
  • TSA 17: Beautability (tentative)

From TSA09, the magazine took on a new format and a new editorial team. With the same focus on content that The Singapore Architect is known for, the editorial team has nevertheless shifted to a more compact and engaging structure with shorter and sharper pieces.

The editorial team has added several new sections covering different facets of architecture.

  • STUDIO will feature a conversation with an architectural firm.
  • PRACTICE will be a technical brief on aspects of compliances, contracts, or construction.
  • HERITAGE will be a photo-essay documenting notable old structures in our city.
  • The value of the journal lies in fostering a collective ability to think about architecture. There is the last section yet to be formed, called DISCOURSE, which requires the readers to participate.

In addition, the retail price of the magazine was lowered from the 09 issue to make it more accessible.

Editorial Team

Chief Editor: Teo Yee Chin
Art Director: Melvin Keng
News Editor: Kenneth Koh
Reviews Editor (Buildings) Teo Yee Chin

Quek Li-En

Essays Editor: Ronald Lim

Chang Jiat Hwee

Capability Profiles

Since the first edition published in 2007, the SIA Capability Profiles publication has become the de facto directory resource to various local agencies, developers and other allied organisations within the building industry. The publication provides a platform for firms seeking suitable working partners. In this economic slowdown, which includes the contraction in construction demand and hence projects in Singapore, many members are affected.  Consequently, many have looked abroad to expand their business.  This Capability Profile becomes a good tool to promote member firms to regional clients. This publication is helpful in identifying desired experiences and skills with the corresponding practices.

As member firms continue to support and participate in this Capability Profile, the publication will come to reflect Singapore Architecture for a global audience. Together it flies the Singapore Architecture flag high.

The SIA would like to thank all members for their participation and wonderful support, as well as their cooperation and understanding in the production of the Capability Profile.

Publications Committee Members 2019-20

Chairperson: Teo Yee Chin
Members: Melvin Keng

Kenneth Koh

Ronald Lim

Quek Li-En

Razvan Ghilic Micu

Oscar Goldron Korintus

Chin Yi Ren Jonathan Christian

Resource Person: Chang Jiat Hwee