SPM: Call for Nomination for Outstanding Project Managers Award 2024

SPM is pleased to announce the launch of the search for the Outstanding Project Manager 2024.

This Award aims to highlight the multi-faceted leadership role of a Project Manager. Apart from meeting the many project objectives of the client, the Project Manager has to be knowledgeable in design and construction matters and uphold a high standard of professionalism to earn the respect of all parties in a project.

There are 8 categories for the OPM 2024 Awards –

1.     Outstanding Project Manager (Contract Sum > S$85Million)

2.     Outstanding Project Manager (Contract Sum < S$85Million)

3.     Outstanding Young Project Manager (Contract Sum > S$20Million)

4.     Outstanding Project Manager (Client) i) Infrastructure  ii) Building

5.     Innovator of the Year

6.     Outstanding Project Manager for Special Project

7.     Outstanding Publication on Project Management

8.     Outstanding Project Manager for International Project

For full details, please refer to the SPM website HERE.