SISV-SIBL: Latest Development in Construction Law 2023, 1 Dec 2023

This seminar provides an overview of the 2023 Singapore cases on construction law and adjudication. The issues that will be considered in this seminar will include:

1) When do delay liquidated damages stop accruing?
2) How should an employer quantify its general damages for delayed completion of a construction development?
3) What are the requirements to make a valid claim for back-charges?
4) What constitutes a “condition precedent” to a variation claim?
5) Under what circumstances can a court order specific performance to compel parties to perform its contractual obligation to refer the dispute to mediation?
6) What constitutes a valid call on a performance bond and/or a fraudulent call on a performance bond?
7) Can enforcement of an adjudication determination be stayed if the enforcement against the respondent would result in the respondent’s liquidation?
8) Can you submit an adjudication application on a payment claim that was submitted before the contract was terminated?
9) Does fraud unravel all in adjudication?
10) When is a payment claim served under the SOP Act if the contract is silent on the date for service of a payment claim?
11) When does the period to lodge an adjudication application start?

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