REDAS/SIA: Workshop on CORENET X: New Regulatory Approval Workflow (RABW) – Implications & Challenges, 4 Dec 2023

CORENET X will be progressively rolled out from the end of 2023. A new Regulatory Approval Workflow (RABW) will also be introduced across multiple agencies for all the new building works in the Built Environment Sector.

CORENET X will also introduce a coordinated BIM submission and a collaborated regulatory approval approach from the respective regulatory agencies.

Jointly organized by REDAS & SIA, this workshop will discuss the various changes and challenges affecting the Developer/Owner and Consultants when CORENET X is implemented.

  • How CORENET X RABW may change the design and impact the development process?
  • How the new system may affect the timeline for marketing and launching of sales?

Participants will also gain a deeper understanding of:
– The new regulatory approval system (RABW) and submission requirements and timeline;
– The new BIM modelling requirements;
– CORENET X Payment platform and process.

For full information, please click HERE for the flyer and registration form.