REDAS: NUS Real Estate Development Enterprise Executive Course – Real Estate Development & Market Analysis: The Dynamics of Creating Value, 20 Nov 2023

Real estate development is one of the most challenging aspects of the real estate industry. It entails the orchestration of finance, materials, labour & expertise by many parties within a wider, social, economic and political environment. At its best, the process is synergistic, that is, the ultimate combination of resources have a greater value than the sum of the individual parts.
The 2-part workshop series will cover 4 modules and will be conducted over 2 sessions. The first session which will be held on 20 November 2023 (Monday) will cover the following 2 modules:
•  Real Estate Development:  The  Dynamics of
   Creating Value
•  Real Estate Market Analysis: The Mechanics
   of Market Research and Feasibility Studies

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