REDAS: Investment and Valuation in Real Estate – Key Principles

Date: 13 July 2021
Time: 9:00AM – 12:00PM

In real estate, the important criteria for investment decision is the issue of selecting the right sources that are of value and the methods of raising the value of investment objectives. Familiarity with sources of value, factors which determine the value and what impact the attractiveness of the class of real estate in question, allows owners or investors to make effective and rational real estate investment decisions. Issues concerning economic and physical properties of the real estate are of great importance for prospective owners or investors in the real estate market.

This web class focuses on perceiving real estate as an investment asset that generates revenue to its owner or investor, taking into consideration expected risk and level of liquidity. It will provide an appreciation on how to determine the open market value of the selected property or property portfolios which represent the expected expenses of the investment costs incurred; defining the rental income value which is the expected return on the selected real estate; identifying possible business risk and finally, appreciating the realisation of the investment upon divestment.