Architectural Practice Course (APC) 2021

The Architectural Practice Course (APC) aims to prepare and equip candidates for the Professional Practice Examination (PPE). It is a mandatory training programme for candidates enrolling for the Board of Architect’s PPE. The curriculum is specifically planned and designed to integrate theoretical principles (as per syllabus) with practical knowledge from experienced tutors.

While APC is customised mainly for PPE candidates, it is also useful and suitable for architects who wish to update and refresh themselves on the latest development in professional knowledge such as administration of the updated Building Contract 2016.

Architects have the option to register for individual session(s) which they wish to attend.
Candidates and Architects may download the unified registration form above and indicate if they wish to attend the full course or specify the individual sessions.

The course comprises of twenty-four evening classes and is conducted weekly with a total duration of 60 hours. The candidates are required to complete the course. In view of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and movement restriction, APC 2021 may be required to be conducted through online Webinar tools. For good order and verification of attendance, it will be monitored and recorded from time to time. Exact timings will be published in due course. Participants who leave the webinar session before 8.30pm will be considered as absent.