ABC Waters Professionals

To build up the expertise of industry professionals in ABC Waters design features, the ABC Waters Professional Programme was launched by the Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES) with the support of the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA), Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects (SILA) as well as PUB, NParks, HDB and LTA in 2011. Comprising four core modules and four elective modules, the programme covers the concept, design, implementation and maintenance of ABC Waters design features.

Professionals who meet the registration criteria of IES/ SIA/ SILA, and complete all four core modules plus any two elective modules of the ABC Waters Professional Programme would be eligible to be registered as an ABC Waters Professional.

In line with the revisions to the Code of Practice on Surface Water Drainage, which takes effect on 1 June 2013, developers/owners shall engage an ABC Waters Professional to design, oversee the construction of, and develop a maintenance plan for the ABC Waters design features. Developers/owners shall submit the concept design and design calculations, endorsed by the ABC Waters Professional, to PUB as part of their Development Control (DC) submission.

On an annual basis, developers/owners shall also submit a certificate of inspection on ABC Waters design features, endorsed by an ABC Waters Professional, if applicable. The certificate of inspection shall include a declaration on whether the features have been inspected, and are maintained satisfactorily and functioning well.

More details on the registration of ABC Waters Professionals can be found here.