Building Contracts Committee


The Building Contracts Committee oversees the SIA Building Contracts, addresses issues and participates in dialogues/meetings with relevant parties/agencies in regards to building contract and promotes awareness and understanding of SIA Building Contracts to SIA members, allied professionals and the public.

The objectives for the committee are as follows:

  • promoting the SIA Building Contracts through roadshow, sales of publications, presentations, talks and etc
  • reviewing the Contracts to address anyshortcoming and align to current practice and needs
  • organizing seminars to equip the architects with the knowledge and to gain better understanding of the contracts, understand their role, have the skill and knowledge to advise their Clients as well as to administer the Contract in a professional manner

The current suite of main building contract – ‘SIA Building Contract 2016’ was launched in 2016 and 2017 respectively.    SIA Building Contract 2016 was specifically designed to be business friendly, simple, clear and easy to understand.   The full suite of SIA Building Contracts 2016 Contracts as follows:

  • SIA Building Contract 2016 Without Quantities (Domestic & International)
  • SIA Building Contract With Quantities 2016 (Domestic & International)
  • SIA Building Contract 2016 Design & Build (Domestic & International)
  • SIA Sub-Contract 2016 (Domestic & International)