Categories for Project Submission

Categorisation for Overseas Projects

  1. Overseas projects will be eligible for submission and will be assessed under the respective categories (e.g. Overseas Condominiums to be submitted under Category A3 Overseas Residential Projects).
  2. The project submitted under the respective overseas categories must be completed and the SIA Member involved up to its completion stage, even if he/she is not the Qualified Person for that project.
  • A1 Low-Density Housing (Terraces, Bungalows, Semi-Detached and Cluster Housing)
  • A2 High-Density Housing
  • A3 Overseas Residential Projects
  • B1 Office Buildings
  • B2 Shopping Centres
  • B3 Mixed Developments (Shopping, Office, Apartment, Hotel)
  • B4 Hotels
  • B5 Recreational Buildings (Golf Clubs, Bowling Alleys, Marinas, Stadiums, Swimming Complexes, Retirement Village etc.)
  • B6 Overseas Commercial Projects
  • C1 Educational and Community Buildings (Schools, Universities, Polytechnics, Kindergardens, Colleges, Community Centres, Libraries, Museums etc.)
  • C2 Religious Buildings (Churches, Temples, Mosques etc.)
  • C3 Healthcare Buildings (Hospitals, Polyclinics, Clinics, Wellness Centre etc.)
  • C4 Overseas Institutional Projects
  • D1 Industrial and Utility Buildings (Sub Stations, Treatment Plants, Power Stations, Desalination Plants etc.)
  • D2 Transport Buildings (MRT Stations, Bus Terminals, Ferry Terminals, Airports etc.)
  • D3 Overseas Industrial, Transport & Infrastructure Projects
  • E1 Public Place Making (Masterplans, Shelters, Connectors, Amphitheatre, Bridges, Street Furniture etc.)
  • E2 Alterations & Additions (for all building types)
  • E3 Conservation
  • E4 Others (Any others that are not included under the preceding categories e.g. temporary building like show flat, kiosk, bus-stop, world-expeditions, workers quarters)
  • E5 Overseas Projects for Special Categories
  • E6 Innovation and Sustainability (Material Application, Construction Detailing, Construction Methods, etc.)
  • E7 Social and Humanitarian Architecture
  • F1 Residential
  • F2 Commercial
  • F3 Exhibition Design (should have curatorial and spatial merit)
  • F4 Overseas Interior Architecture Projects

List of Categories of Submission

Design of the Year Award sponsored by Admira

  1. E1 is renamed to recognise the creation of meaningful public places, that combines urban structures, hardscapes, landscaping, lighting, public furniture, etc. These places facilitate human interaction and activity that enlivens the overall urban environment. These places can be public spaces or within private developments.

  2. E6 aims to encourage innovative use of materials, and to promote creative, elegant architectural construction detailing that pushes the envelope for unique expressions. These may especially be targeted to address a building’s climatic responsiveness and/or performance, to address energy conservation and sustainability. Entries can be architectural elements that are integral parts of a building, or construction methods and techniques. Design drawings, process tests, reports, investigations through photographic record and final execution with explanations to illustrate innovation and performance will be required. For further elaboration, you may refer to “The Attributes of a Sustainable Built Environment” as a guide.

  3. E7 aims to acknowledge architectural design excellence that brings positive change to a community. These projects are credited for providing quality spaces, creating opportunities for cultural, educational, charity and/or social equality that uplift the human spirit and living environment.


Entrant may send queries in English by email to SIA Secretariat at Such email shall clearly state “SIAADA 2023” as the subject heading. Only upon receipt of an acknowledgement email sent by the SIA Secretariat shall the query be officially registered for a response. Deadline for submission of questions is 27 March 2023.

Responses to all queries will be made known via a posting on Awards Website ( on or before 3 April 2023.

Entrant who elects to apply for participation after 3 April 2023 shall void their rights to submit any query. However, a copy of the responses to the registered queries will be extended to these late applicants.


Intellectual Property Rights

SIA shall have the right to publish, display, reproduce or otherwise publicise or communicate all submissions submitted, subject to appropriate citation and acknowledgement of the authors. Such right shall be exercisable by SIA without any payment, charge or fee whatsoever to any person.

SIA reserves the right to retain all submissions for the Competition for display after the winning ideas have been announced.

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