Tenth Gold Medal Recipient (Posthumous): Kerry Hill 2023

Ar Kerry Hill – An extraordinary architect who let his projects speak for himself. We pay tribute to Kerry Hill, an outstanding designer whose completed projects earned numerous awards throughout his illustrious career. In 1979, Kerry Hill made Singapore his home where he established Kerry Hill Architects. In the 1990s, Kerry’s resort and residential projects, characterized by a modern approach to tropical architecture, introduced a distinctive design language. With clean lines and carefully chosen materials, he crafted spatial experiences captivated the architectural community and brought a heightened appreciation of good design to the general public. His notable accolades included the prestigious AGA Khan Award for his exceptional work on the Datai in Langkawi in 2001. In 2010, he was honoured as the Designer of the Year by the President’s Design Award, Singapore. Over time, his portfolio diversified to include community buildings, hotels, office towers, and multi-residential projects. He became a Singapore Permanent Resident and a Singapore Registered Architect, solidifying his ties to the country. He was widely respected as a public figure who brought awareness to the architecture profession. His remarkable works received extensive recognition in major architectural journals and were showcased in exhibitions held in Singapore, China, Japan, Taiwan, and Berlin. Kerry Hill Architects continues to thrive and uphold his legacy of consistently producing architecture of the highest quality. The practice remains a testament to his enduring influence. Kerry’s multifaceted talents as an architect extended beyond his design prowess. He generously shared his knowledge by giving lectures, serving on judging panels, and teaching at several leading schools of architecture. He dedicated himself not only to architecture but also to building a strong design practice that fostered the growth of young architects. As a mentor, he provided unwavering support and valuable guidance, nurturing the talents of emerging architects who went on to establish their own successful practices. Kerry Hill held a deep affection for Singapore and consistently expressed optimism for the local architectural scene. The Jury recognizes his tremendous contributions in uplifting the architectural standards in Singapore and nurturing the next generation of architects. Descriptions such as “hands-on,” “exacting,” and “a perfectionist” aptly capture Kerry’s character. A man of few words who preferred to let his projects speak for themselves, these attributes undoubtedly contributed to his esteemed and respected status. Kerry’s absence is keenly felt, but his lasting legacy endures through his numerous projects and will continue through the new works produced by his thriving office.
Aman Kyoto (Photo Credit: Sohei Oya, Nacasa Partners Inc.)
Aman Tokyo (Photo Credit: Sohei Oya, Nacasa Partners Inc.)
Amanemu (Photo Credit: Bernard Lee)
AmanYangyun (Photo Credit: Sui Sicong)
Beaufort Sentosa (Photo Credit: Albert Lim K.S.)
City of Perth Library (Photo Credit: Nicholas Putrasia)
Genesis (Photo Credit: Albert Lim K.S.)
Garlick Avenue House (Photo Credit: Albert Lim K.S.)
Martin No. 38 (Photo Credit: Albert Lim K.S.)
Ooi House (Photo Credit: Martin Farquharson)
Soi 53 Apartments (Photo Credit: Albert Lim K.S.)
The Aman New Delhi (Photo Credit: Albert Lim K.S.)