Ninth Gold Medal Recipient: Raymond Woo 2023

Raymond Woo – A Trailblazing Architect Who Shaped the Landscape of Singapore.”

Raymond Woo belongs to a rare breed of architects who were entrusted with large-scale projects during the formative years of Singapore. Jurong Town Hall and the Singapore Science Centre, were obtained through design competitions, embodying the aspirations of Singapore and symbolizing Raymond’s proud contribution toward nation-building. His diverse portfolio showcases his innovative spirit and willingness to explore new design concepts. Projects like 78 Shenton Way, Equity Plaza, Loyang Valley Condominium and the SIA Engineering Hangar reflects his unique design philosophy and commitment to delivering architectural excellence.

His stylistic approaches vary across projects, reflecting the socioeconomic conditions and aspirations of Singapore during different periods. From concrete, brick, granite to glass and steel, Raymond’s material choices have also evolved, creating designs that are evocative of their time. Raymond always delivers buildings with superior level of craftsmanship through his attention to detailing. His latest project, 268 Orchard showcases Raymond’s exploratory spirit and willingness to embrace technology. The highly engineered building, featuring three stacked glass boxes supported by a complex system of stainless-steel cables and slender columns, exemplifies his commitment to staying relevant in Architecture.

Raymond has received numerous awards for this projects and public service contributions. He was notably honoured as the Designer of the Year by the President’s Design Award Singapore in 2016. In addition, his contributions to Singapore’s architectural landscape include serving on various review panels and advisory committees for the STB, LTA, NHB, SMRT, MND and URA. Raymond’s expertise and insights has been instrumental in shaping significant buildings, including the Subordinate Courts Complex, State Courts Complex, National Art Gallery and the rejuvenation of the Golden Mile Complex.

Raymond’s passion for architecture remains undiminished, demonstrated by his energetic personality and vibrant enthusiasm that rival architects half his age. He actively contributes to academia by serving in various capacities at the School of Architecture, National University of Singapore, the NUS Campus Planning and Development Committee and LASALLE College of the Arts Ltd, Building Development Committee.

At 84 years old, Raymond’s enduring passion and endearing sense of humour continue to inspire. The jury is confident that he will continue to delight us with his new projects in the years to come.

78 Shenton Way (Photo Credit: Benjamin Yu)
The Exchange Equity Plaza (Photo Credit: Benjamin Yu)
Ngee Ann City (Photo Credit: Benjamin Yu)
268 Orchard Road (Photo Credit: Aaron Pocock and Max Ooi)
Singapore Science Centre (Photo Credit: Benjamin Yu)
Yueh Hai Ching Temple (Photo Credit: Benjamin Yu)
Loyang Valley (Photo Credit: Benjamin Yu)
B747 Hangar at Changi Airport (Photo Credit: Chew Studio_