Why Architect? Forum

Sat, 6 Oct | 3.30pm – 5.30pm | Library @ Orchard
In conjunction with this year’s Archifest 2018, the Singapore Institute of Architects Committee for Small and Medium Architectural Practices (SMAP Committee) will be presenting another instalment of the popular “Why Architect?” forum.

This year’s Archifest theme is Design for Life – a theme which broadly encompasses the Architect’s vision to respond to the true needs of humanity.

The sub-themes include Design for People which promotes better life & well-being, Design for Time which addresses the lifespan of building design and Design for Environment which enhances the life of our planet, flora and fauna.

In our “Why Architect?” forum is year, we hope to explore these themes via a platform that includes the Architect as well as key players in the building industry, viz the engineer, builder, and quantity surveyor.

These professionals will be part of a panellist which will discuss various issues that are of interest to home owners, business owners, property enthusiasts, academics and students.

Some of the questions which will be discussed include


  • Who is an architect?
  • What is the role of an architect in a construction project?
  • What is the training of an architect?
  • How is the profession regulated?
  • What is a Registered architect?

  • What is a building contract?
  • Who administers the building contract?
  • What are the respective roles of the Owner, Architect, Engineer and Quantity Surveyor in a building contract?

  • What are the building codes that govern a project?
  • Who is responsible to ensure the building is in compliance to the building codes?
  • What is TOP/CSC?

Join us and our panellists for an interesting, insightful and rewarding session and all attendees are welcome to ask any questions during and after the session. ​​​