WEBINAR: Project Success or Failure – What Complexity Theory Can Tell Us About Risk in Construction [20 April 2022, 5.00 – 6.30pm (GMT +8)]

What if our perceptions around how risks eventuate on major construction projects is inconsistent with how projects fail in practice? And what if the way we currently separate risk, in terms of legal risk, commercial risk and technical risk, is an artificial divide that has the potential to increase our risk exposure, rather than decrease it?

This presentation asks how the world of complex systems thinking can provide us with a different perspective on how we set up, deliver, and manage risk on construction projects.
We examine:

  • how past failures occurred precisely because a complex systems approach wasn’t considered
  • how real-world systems defy our attempts to control them, and
  • how our understanding of apparently unrelated phenomena, like the reasons why birds flock, can inform us about how to run better construction projects.

    Adopting a complex system thinking approach is not simply a new tool for those involved in the industry, it’s an altogether different model for understanding the world.

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