TAS Inter-varsity Debates 2018

Debate Topic: Singapore cannot afford Architectural Conservation

“The recent en bloc sale of the four-decade old Pearl Bank Apartments represents another instance of an iconic piece of Singapore’s architectural history being earmarked for demolition. The impetus behind such en bloc sales have been pre-dominantly economic, driven by rising maintenance costs borne by its collective owners. However, proponents for conservation decry the loss of heritage, arguing for the preservation of architecture history that would benefit the larger community. In today’s neo-liberal economy, is the conservation of architecture history worth the opportunity cost of forgoing new, more profitable designs? Can Singapore, a country that has arguably reaped the economic benefits of tabula rasa urban development in her past, afford architectural conservation today?”

SUTD: Proposition
NUS: Opposition

Both teams have been preparing for the annual Inter-Varsity debate, so come show your support and hear what both sides have to say! Viewers will cast their vote at the end of the debate. See y’all there!