To break the COVID-19 chain of transmission, Singapore will implement heightened safe distancing measures from 7 April to 4 May 2020.

With non-essential workplace closures and restricted interaction,
many will be affected. To help our people, over and above the $55 billion COVID-related
measures under the Unity and Resilience Budgets, government will mobilise an additional $5.1 BILLION to see Singaporeans and businesses through this period.

Enhanced Job Support Scheme (JSS)

  • To help save jobs, Government will pay 75%
    on the first $4,600 of monthly salaries for
    every local employee for April 2020
  • From May 2020, wage support levels will revert to original
    levels in Resilience Budget
  • First JSS payout will be brought forward to April 2020, from
    May 2020

SEP Income Relief Scheme (SIRS)

  • More SEPs will qualify for SIRS
    ✤ Automatic inclusion for SEPs who also earn a small
    income from employment work
    ✤ Enhanced Annual Value of property criterion of
    $21,000, up from $13,000 previously
  • Eligible SEPs will receive three quarterly cash payouts of
    $3,000 each in May, July, and October 2020
  • Other criteria remain unchanged

Cash Flow & Credit Support for Employers

  • Waiver of monthly Foreign Worker Levy (FWL) due in April
    2020 to help firms with cash flow
  • FWL rebate of $750 in April 2020 from levies paid this year,
    for each Work Permit or S Pass holder
  • Laws to ensure property owners pass on Property Tax
    rebate to tenants
  • 1-month rental waiver for office, commercial, and
    agriculture tenants of Government agencies
  • Government’s risk share raised from 80% to 90% for EFS Trade
    Loan, EFS-SME Working Capital Loan, and Temporary
    Bridging Loan Programme

    ✤ Applies to loans initiated from 8 April 2020 till 31 March 2021

Download the Solidarity Budget Booklet by MOF below.