SPAN x ABE Wedbinar International Series: The Future of the Built Environment

Event Date: 04 Nov 2020
Event Time: 10AM – 12PM
Venue: Online

We are currently facing two forces that promise to fundamentally change the nature of our world and our industry:

1. Changing demographics and population growth – as we face a future with ever more crowded urban populations, what must we do to cater to their needs and ensure that the Built Environment provides quality of life, freedom and choice? What implications are there for the way in which we work given the need to increase our production drastically, with a declining workforce?

2. A global pandemic reshaping the way in which we work – as remote working looks to perhaps become our ‘new normal’ what will this mean for an industry still centred around a manual labour model and struggling to increase collaboration and coordination? How do we manage this at a time when we are being forced to increase separation and isolation?

There is no doubt that fundamental change is upon us, our industry and the greater world community; but HOW will the built environment change, and how must our industry change to reflect this? Join a panel of experts to learn more about what the future holds: for you, your industry, and your world.