SISV: BIM Knowledge Sharing Workshop, 5 April 2024

Join this exclusive workshop to delve into the world of digital construction and discover its profound impact on current and future construction processes. The BIM expert presenter will guide you through key topics vital for construction players in today’s industry, supported by captivating real-life case studies in Singapore.

What participant will gain?

  1. Acquire a clear understanding of BIM and 5D BIM.
  2. Optimise your construction workflow for increased efficiency.
  3. Understand why BIM is crucial for Quantity Surveyors (QS) and the enhancements to the workflow.
  4. Evaluate and choose the most suitable BIM solution based on your needs.
  5. Develop a personalised roadmap, exploring practical steps for seamless integration of BIM for your professional growth.

Please click HERE to visit the event website and for registration.