Singapore Archifest 2023: Interim – Acts of Adaptation

Singapore Archifest is an annual architecture festival commissioned by the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA). It aims to bring together industry professionals as well as members of the general public to celebrate the city’s architecture and built environment, whilst engaging in meaningful and productive architectural discourse. 

Singapore Archifest is a space for imagination, conversation, and speculation. It intends to be a platform for people from all walks of life to participate in uninhibited dialogue, creative collaboration, and thoughtful, collective deliberation, in relation to contemporary architectural issues. And with every iteration of the festival, we work towards the cultivation of a more design-conscious society and vibrant creative culture.

As the SIA celebrates its 60th anniversary since its establishment in 1963, in 2023, it reflects on its past achievements that have shaped today’s landscape of architectural excellence and asks what can be done the next 60 years and more. This year’s Archifest is a key highlight of programmes by SIA.

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