SIBL & SISV Annual Joint Webinar on Latest Developments in Construction Law (2020)

In this annual series on the latest developments in construction law, the speakers will bring participants up to date on all the recent developments in the law that will impact their construction projects, claims and defences.

The 1st part of the seminar will provide an update on the latest construction law cases. These cases cover important areas such as actions for negligence, the defects liability period, implied terms and contract documentation issues such as the letter of award.

The 2nd part of the seminar will cover the latest developments in adjudication under the Security of Payment Act (SOP Act). There have been several important court decisions, and also changes in what may be claimed as a result of the Amendments to the SOP Act. Issues to be covered will include (1) whether claims may be brought if the contract has been terminated or already concluded; (2) when a wrongly made claim is considered a fraudulent claim that may be challenged In court; (3) whether bond monies can be considered and taken into account in an adjudication; and (4) whether all prolongation claims are really barred by the new amendments to the SOP Act.

Event Date & Time:

October 16, 2020
11 AM – 12:30 PM