SIA Gold Medalist Lecture by Dr. William Lim: The Future is Now

2018-03-24 (Saturday), 10am – 12 noon (Registration starts at 9.30am)
The Pod (Level 16), National Library Building [100 Middle Road, Singapore 188979]

Since the late twentieth century, the advent of global cities – with their aggressive form of neoliberalism – has become the unchallengeable norm everywhere. This phenomenon has resulted in the mass displacement of locals, and an increasing income disparity that benefits only the super-rich. Housing has become unaffordable, emerging from land grabs by international capitalism. In the global cities, international star architects have become effective instruments to spread stylistic visuals to the public consciousness. These images often are controversial statements, containing only minimal concern towards local histories, cultures, climates and environments. In recent years, this destructive global development of downgrading localities as powerless entities is becoming disputed by leading thinkers and scholars. They include Saskia Sassen, David Harvey, and Rem Koolhaas.

With this worldwide context in mind, we must strive towards maximising sustainability. It will be a challenge to overcome the obsession for economic growth, and to ensure that our collective efforts to surmount the current climate crisis are effective. With the rise of disruptive force of robotic technology and artificial intelligence, we need to provide new and alternative work that is useful and meaningful – through responsible policies that tackle income disparity; provide better care for the elderly, the sick and the disabled; and increase innovative opportunities in many industries, particularly in the arts. In this context of enlightened inclusiveness, the goal will be to maximise happiness and the quality of life for everyone.


9.30am    Registration with light refreshment
10.00am  Introduction by SIA
Follow by lecture from Dr. Lim, entitled: The Future is Now
Follow by comments from Prof. Kwok 
Kian Woon and Prof. Richard Ho
11.15am  Open discussion from audience
12.00pm  End of event