SIA Experiential Visit to BCA’s Construction Productivity Gallery

A first in Singapore, the BCA Construction Productivity Gallery is dedicated to showcasing and promoting productivity in the construction industry.

Housed at the BCA Academy, the gallery features some of the most cutting edge construction technologies in the industry. Aside from Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC), visitors can also view other technologies such as the Prefabricated Bathroom Unit (PBU) and Cross Laminated Timber (CLT).

Visitors will be able to explore how these advanced construction technologies and processes can enable builders of the future to scale new heights in terms of productivity. Learn about the success stories from other firms and find out how BCA’s Construction Productivity and Capability Fund (CPCF) can help to optimise project efficiency.

Highlights of the Productivity Gallery

Enter the Productivity Gallery and you will be guided by a virtual host across the Planning, Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (DfMA), and Construction zones. Inside, you can immerse yourself in the enriching multi-media experience, which features a suite of videos, interactive screens, and graphic panels of the various technologies on display.

Registration Closing Date: 8 January 2018 (Monday)

Address: BCAA Campus Map (200 Braddell Road S579700, opposite Comfort DelGro)
Please refer to attachment – “Productivity Gallery Location Map”

All participants need to meet outside Productivity Gallery (Academic Tower at 200 Braddell Road S579700) at 2.00pm to 2.15pm.