SGBC Roundtable Discussion: Balancing the Net Zero Equation

The World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) announced a bold vision to address climate change – by 2030, all new buildings, infrastructure and renovations will have at least 40% less embodied carbon with significant upfront carbon reduction, and all new buildings are net zero operational carbon. Come 2050, new buildings, infrastructure and renovations will have net zero embodied carbon, and all buildings, including existing buildings, must be net zero operational carbon.

The Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment has signatories from 61 Business & Organisations, 28 Cities and 6 States & Regions. The Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC), together with WorldGBC, invites businesses, government representatives, industry practitioners and anyone with an interest in addressing climate change through the built environment to join us for a roundtable session to discuss the issues, identify opportunities and learn from the organisations that have committed to the targets.

A round-up of the themes and content discussed in Balancing the Net Zero Equation webinar series, the Advancing Net Zero roundtable deepens the conversation and explores the various ways to turn concept into action.

Date & Time
Thursday, 6 Aug 2020
3pm – 5pm