Research & Standard Committee 2018 Seminar: Do you know tiling is a system? A talk on Tiling Materials, Performances and Common problems

Date 2018-08-17
Registration start from 1:30pm onwards
Duration 3 hrs 15 min ( from 2:00pm to 5:15pm )
Venue 79B Neil Road, SIA Theatrette Level 3
CPD 4 points
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The market is flooded with many varieties of floor and wall tiles. So is esthetics or slip resistance rating your main selection criteria? Do you know that the installation backing, bedding type and adhesives selection determine the performance of your tiling installations?

Let’s the experts share with you the properties of tiling materials, understand test standards and its applications, how tiling assembly works and reasons for the common problems found in tiling installation.

1st Topic by Mr Loo Sheau Ming
What You Need To Know About Ceramic

Ceramic tiles, in one form or another, are used in almost every type of building construction. As a new building technology evolves to meet modern needs, the formulation, design and manufacture of ceramics tiles evolve in tanderm. Nowadays, tiles use on walls are not necessarily made of wall tiles body, whilst the wrong choice of tiles used on the floor of residential and commercial buildings, or the wrong method used in its installation, may lead to potential expensive tiling failures over time.

Given the present wide-ranging choice of tiles and the different tile types available in the market, how do one distinguish and categorise the different types of tiles? Why shade and size variation are common for ceramic tiles? How does one know whether the supplied tiles are of good quality?

What is the difference between “homogeneous” and “porcelain” tiles? Why are polished porcelain tiles which are beautiful and elegant present potential staining issues? Can large format porcelain tiles be laid with cement-sand mortar? Why tiles must be laid with a joint spacing? What causes some tiles to “pop” out after installation? What are the implications if the wrong choice of tiles are used?

The speaker will share his knowledge and insight on the above subject in this 2 hour technical presentation, amongst others, on the properties of ceramic tiles, the importance of choosing the right tiles, the causes of tiling complaints, the recommended installation practices, its proper care and maintenance and a providing the answers to your technical queries.

2nd Topic by Ms Jesseline Yap
Understanding the Properties & Performance of Tile Adhesives and Installation Considerations

Tile, Marble, Granite and Natural Stones are common finishes used in residential, hospitality and commercial buildings. Installations are on interior and exterior of buildings, walls and floors on a variety of substrate types. Understanding the physical properties of adhesives in accordance to relevant standards of BS EN 12004 & ISO 13007-1 will be helpful in the selection and specification of adhesives appropriate for the various applications in tile and stone work towards achieving a quality and durable installation. This session will also review some common issues and complaints in tile work as well as discuss possible causes and solutions on how some of these issues can be avoided or resolved.

An increase in the awareness on the different types and performance levels of adhesives for various applications will help you to select the right adhesive with due consideration to budget and performance.

This session will be moderated by Co-Chairperson of Research & Standard Sub-Committee, Ms Wan Siew Fung

Siew Fung is Managing Partner of Design International Architects LLP. She has been in practice for 30 years.

Siew Fung possesses a wide range of design and documentation experiences with the firm. She has executed a range of specialized projects including conservation, cold stores, industrial, recreation and entertainment projects in Singapore. She has been actively involved in SIA’s preparation of NPQS in year2000 and involved in many SS and CP reviews as SIA representative. Siew Fung is currently the Co-Chairperson of Research & Standard Sub-Committee and actively involved in Workgroup for CP 68 Ceramic Wall and Floor Tiling and SSfor Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System.


Mr Loo Sheau Ming, Guocera Sdn Bhd
Senior Manager – Technical Service

Mr Loo obtained his B.Sc (Hons) in Chemistry from La Trobe University, Australia. His vast professional working experience was acquired from his hands-on involvement in the factories, and attending to on-site investigations on tiling failures and complaints in both the domestic and overseas markets. A number of his research papers have been published in technical ceramic journals, including Qualicer and Journal of Industrial Technology.

He presently sits in the Malaysian Standards’ Technical Committee on Bricks and Tiles, with the task to set up and update the existing Malaysian Standards, MS1294 – Code Of Practice for the Installation of Ceramic Tiles and other related ceramic tile standards. He is also an active member of the Technical Committee in FMM Malaysian Ceramic Industry Group (FMM MCIG), the Malaysian industry group comprising of tile producers and suppliers that support the manufacturing industry.

Ms Jesseline Yap, Mapei Far East Pte Ltd
Senior Manager – Adhesive Line

Jesseline has more than 28 years of sales and field experience in tile and stone fixing materials and related works in the construction industry.  Trained by industry leaders in Italy and the U.S., Jesseline is well versed in product and technical knowledge as well as applications for tile and stone installations, industry standards and practices.

Jesseline is a regular trainer for courses run by the BCA Academy on “Good Industrial Practices for Tile & Stone Works” in Singapore. She also conducts technical talks to industry professionals in Singapore and Malaysia.


1.30pm   Registration with refreshment
2.00pm   Introduction
2.10pm   Presentation by Mr Loo Sheau Ming, Guocera Sdn Bhd
3.50pm   Tea Break
4.10pm   Presentation by Ms Jesseline Yap, Mapei Far East Pte Ltd
4.50pm   Q and A
5.15pm   End of event