REDAS-Launch of 4th Edition D&B Conditions of Contract [Webinar]

The REDAS Design & Build Conditions of Main Contract is widely used in Singapore for private sector design & build projects. Now into its 21st year after it was first launched in August 2001, the current 4th Edition has been updated with new provisions to take into consideration the industry practice of providing advance payment to Contractors for the costs of offsite fabrication of materials, the effect of the current covid 19 pandemic on the prolongation of the Works and the co-sharing of certain costs with the Employer arising from the pandemic.

A significant change in the new edition is the issue the Delay Certificate by the Employer’s Representative as a condition for the recovery of liquidated damages.

The Seminar will discuss these amendments, clarify the independence of the Employer’s Representative in his certification role and the Contractor’s design liability where the partial D&B Module is adopted as well as highlighting other amendments.

18 March 2022 (Friday);
4pm – 5.30pm

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