1. Must I be an Architect (Qualified Person) to participate?

No. The competition is open to all practising architectural, landscape and interior designers on an individual or firm basis. Participants may also adopt a collaborative multi-disciplinary approach as a team-based submission.

2. Is there a maximum size for a group to participate in the competition?

There is no limit on group size. Submission of a proposal can be by an individual; or a team with two or more persons.  The submission by a team of more than two persons shall be made by the team leader.

3. Can I make a submission for more than 1 location?

Yes. Participants may submit multiple entries for one, or all locations, and are eligible to be awarded for more than one location. Please submit each proposal separately.

4. Can I choose which location to submit for?

Yes. Please indicate your chosen location clearly in the submission panel.

5. Is there a size limit for the structures?

Please refer to the appendix for allowable dimensions and details of installations for each location. Participants are to put up a proposal in consideration of the physical requirements and economic feasibility.

6. How long will my installation be installed?

Structures will be installed for minimum duration of 3 years.

7. Are we allowed to publicise our project during the competition?

Due to anonymity of the judging process, participants shall not publicise submissions until the official announcement of the results.

8. Who will oversee the project leading to, and after, completion?

URA will manage the project until completion, and ownership of the structures will be handed over to NParks thereafter.

9. What is the designer’s scope of work from award to completion?

In the 8 months from award to completion, the designer will work with the appointed contractor to develop their design (within budget) towards fabrication and installation.

10. Who will prepare drawings for fabrication/authority submissions and provide Professional Engineer (PE)’s certifications (if any)?

These will be undertaken by the appointed D&B contractor, who will also provide a Defects Liability Period (DLP) of 12 months from the date of completion of the installations.

11. How is the cost of S$80,000 per installation estimated? What happens if the design exceeds this?

S$80,000 was estimated based on quotations received for installations of similar size and complexity. The appointed D&B contractor shall advice on buildability based on the winning designs, and adjustments shall be carried out (if required) during design development stage.

12. Who can I write to if I have questions on the competition or require help with the submission? 

For more enquiries on the competition or submission of proposal, please email to

Question and Answers

1. I am a landscape architect from Indonesia who often works in Singapore. Am I eligible to submit proposals as an individual or make my own team?

Winners of the competition are required to enter into an agreement to develop the design from fabrication to implementation over a duration of approximately 8 months. Hence the competition is open to Singapore-based practising designers with experience and capacity to design within budget and deliver the project on time.

Participants may consider forming a team with a local practicing designer, with said designer as the team lead.

2. I would like to team up with a designer from another firm, is that possible?

Submission can be made by an individual, or a team with two or more persons, with the submission to be made by the team leader.

Participants may consider submitting as a team of individual designers.

3. Question 3

1) What is the specific size of the site and the total built up area?1) The approximate areas for each location are as follows:
Location 1: Site A & B are 28m2 each
Location 2: 130m2
Location 3: 26m2While there is no indication of maximum built-up area, please refer to the constraints and scaled location plans available in Appendix 1.”
2) Can the installation be 2 storeys?2) Yes. Please note that there are height constraints of 3m (refer to Appendix 1) due to maintenance accessibility. Proposals exceeding 3m will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
3) Will all the recycled wood be provided by URA?3) Yes, approximately 12 wood logs of 4m length and 1m girth will be allocated for each site.
4) Can the recycled wood be used as structural elements (eg columns, floor joist)?4) As the wood logs are measured to be of medium density, they shall be treated for outdoor use but shall not be structural. As a main material, participants should still consider for the wood to be meaningfully highlighted within the design.
5) Does it mean that amount of $80,000 is the construction cost paid to the design & built contractor who will be responsible for completing the works including providing other building materials (eg concreting work/foundation etc.) to the architect/designer’s design?5) Yes, S$80,000 is the estimated construction cost based on installations of similar size and complexity. The appointed D&B contractor will advice on buildability based on the winning designs, and adjustments shall be carried out (if required) during the design development stage.
6) Who will pay for the QP, MNE and C&S engineers for the submission to the relevant authorities?6) Professional Engineer’s certifications and other submissions required due to safety and the design will be part of the scope of the Design and Build (D&B) contractor that shall be awarded after the close of the competition.
7) Kindly advise and provide other relevant information pertaining to the construction of the installation to meet the standard contract requirements.7) The designer is to provide the concept design and work together with the D&B contractor on design development and shop drawings to maintain design intent. Detailed construction-related requirements will be provided at a later stage, as part of the D&B contractor’s tender documentation.

4. Aside from the submission deadline on 14 April, is there a deadline for the submission of the online registration form?

Registration closes on 14 April 2023. Do register early, if possible, as submissions are required to indicate the unique number emailed after successful registration.

5. As an individual basis participant (not involving in the architectural firm I work in), may I ask what should I fill in under these (see attached screenshot) from the submission form?

The fields for firm name and address can be left blank, however please indicate your personal email and contact number to facilitate ease of contact.

6. It is noticed that the deadline in design brief is indicated as Thursday 14 April 2023. The day and date do not match. Please clarify.

Apologies, the corrected sentence on Page 9 of the design brief should be as follows:

“All (hard copy/soft copy) submissions must be received by the Promoter on Friday 14 April 2023, between 9am to 12pm (Singapore date and time).”

7. My team is planning to submit the designs for the three sites. Therefore, are we supposed to submit 3 A1 posters with each poster containing the information of a single site design or is it possible to pack everything into 1 or 2 A1 posters that contain information about the three site designs all together? Hope to hear from you soon and thank you.

The Jury Panel may select winning entries by the same participant/team for different sites. However, for clarity of evaluation, exhibition and promotional materials (where applicable), submissions for each site shall be placed upon separate A1 panels, accompanied by their write ups.

In any event of submissions in permutations not mentioned (multiple entries for one site etc), please prepare separate Submission Forms and write-up for each A1 panel for full clarity.

8. Regarding location 1, is it possible to submit a proposal that uses both sites, or do we have to choose between Site A or Site B ?

Participants may choose to submit a design for one or both sites, with consideration that the total estimated construction cost for the structure/s in this location does not exceed S$80,000.

9. I would like to enquire if there is a 3D model of the sites provided? Thank you!

There are no 3D models of the locations.

10. Can the existing tensile structure in location 3 be removed?

The existing structure should not be removed in the design submission.

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