1. Must I be an Architect (Qualified Person) to participate?

No. The competition is open to all practising architectural, landscape and interior designers on an individual or firm basis. Participants may also adopt a collaborative multi-disciplinary approach as a team-based submission.

2. Is there a maximum size for a group to participate in the competition?

There is no limit on group size. Submission of a proposal can be by an individual; or a team with two or more persons.  The submission by a team of more than two persons shall be made by the team leader.

3. Can I make a submission for more than 1 location?

Yes. Participants may submit multiple entries for one, or all locations, and are eligible to be awarded for more than one location. Please submit each proposal separately. 

4. Can I choose which location to submit for?

Yes. Please indicate your chosen location clearly in the submission panel.

5. Is there a size limit for the structures?

Please refer to the appendix for allowable dimensions and details of installations for each location. Participants are to put up a proposal in consideration of the physical requirements and economic feasibility.

6. How long will my installation be installed?

Structures will be installed for minimum duration of 3 years.

7. Are we allowed to publicise our project during the competition?

Due to anonymity of the judging process, participants shall not publicise submissions until the official announcement of the results.

  1. Who will oversee the project leading to, and after, completion?

URA will manage the project until completion, and ownership of the structures will be handed over to NParks thereafter.

8. What is the designer’s scope of work from award to completion?

In the 8 months from award to completion, the designer will work with the appointed contractor to develop their design (within budget) towards fabrication and installation.

9. Who will prepare drawings for fabrication/authority submissions and provide Professional Engineer (PE)’s certifications (if any)?

These will be undertaken by the appointed D&B contractor, who will also provide a Defects Liability Period (DLP) of 12 months from the date of completion of the installations.

10. How is the cost of S$80,000 per installation estimated? What happens if the design exceeds this?

S$80,000 was estimated based on quotations received for installations of similar size and complexity. The appointed D&B contractor shall advice on buildability based on the winning designs, and adjustments shall be carried out (if required) during design development stage.

11. Who can I write to if I have questions on the competition or require help with the submission? 

For more enquiries on the competition or submission of proposal, please email to

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