NUS Architecture Internship Programme (AIP)

1) The Department of Architecture of the National University of Singapore (NUS) is introducing a structured 24-week Architecture Internship Programme to its Master of Architecture (MArch) course. The Architecture Internship Programme (AIP) is essential to complement architectural education. Students who have enrolled for architecture initially go through the first three years of Bachelor of Arts (Architecture). In their fourth year of study (equivalent to MArch Year 1 of the revamped 2-year MArch course), students will select on a voluntary basis to undergo 24 weeks of architecture internship under the guidance of the Department of Architecture. (The Department will work towards a compulsory internship in the future.)

2) The AIP is an attachment to a real-life working environment which will expose the students to a range of practice experiences which cannot be taught in the university. It is hoped that such exposure will add to the learning process and maturity of the student when he or she embarks on the MArch course in NUS.

3) The objective of the Architecture Internship Programme (AIP) is three-fold:

i) to offer students opportunities for exposure to real-life situations during the period of internship

ii) to allow students time and opportunity to develop competence, understanding of the professional responsibilities and maturity in the design process.

iii) to develop a critical awareness of the state of the architecture profession and its future

4) There will be two periods of internship – from June to November and from December to May of the same academic year. Students who are admitted to the MArch course can choose when they prefer to have their internship which will carry 8 Modular Credits. Students will seek their own placement with architect firms of their choice and if they fail to do so, the Department will assist them. The AIP will commence from June 2018.

5) Architect firms registered with the Board of Architects are encouraged to register their interest with the NUS Department of Architecture by the end of March 2018 through this link:

6) More information on the AIP can be obtained from this link:

7) For further queries, you may email to Ar. Richard Ho at