Live Design Discourse (Chiang Mai 2019)

The Live Design Discourse Chiang Mai 2019 (LDDCMI 2019) was held from the 10th December to the 12th December 2019. This 4-day design workshop was organised and hosted by the Association of Architects under the Royal Patronage (ASA) in conjunction with the Faculty of Architecture, Chiang Mai University (FACMU).

This design workshop is aimed towards opening more significant design discourses and provide opportunities to knit closer relationships between the architecture institutes and schools from different counties in South-East Asia. Participating students were posed with a design problem and expected to propose a creative architectural solution as mitigation collectively. It is a step forward to formulate a manageable program and architectural pedagogy to incubate new design ideas and create a sharing platform to foster a stronger architecture community in this region.

LIVE DESIGN DISCOURSE Chiang Mai 2019 : Heritage City HighLight

LIVE DESIGN DISCOURSE Chiang Mai 2019 : Heritage City Full

In this latest edition, loosely themed as “Heritage & Creative city”, 16 architecture students from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand were hosted in Chiang Mai for the workshop under the supervision and mentorship of 4 young practising architects. The group split into 4 teams with 4 students representing each participating country and 1 young architect assigned as a mentor.

The workshop was primarily an open brief as teams were expected to propose new programs and generate new forms, thereby breaking the mould of commercial architectural design practice. The one-day site visit was followed by a day of an intensive design brainstorming session, and a presentation the day after. Each team had to pull together a rational and cohesive proposal in response to site context — a solution which the team believe in mitigating the problem best.