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Representing the Profession
Singapore Institute of Architects actively engages other allied professionals and relevant authorities on policies, rules, regulations and practice issues across a wide range of areas.

Members have the opportunity to volunteer to serve on one of the committees. This is an exclusive members’ privilege, as it allows members to give views on practice and other issues of concern. This offers a valuable opportunity for members to play in shaping policies before their implementation.

Guidance on Professional and Practice Issues
Members who have a concern or query on a practice issue or need guidance on professional conduct rules or professional ethics may approach the Secretariat who will refer the queries to the appropriate committee.

Conditions of Contracts
The SIA Form of Contracts, first published in 1980, is for Architects’ use in their course of practice as Contract Administrators.

Service Agreement
Access to the latest knowledge and information

RCS News Online is a monthly electronic news bulletin on the latest Regulations, Codes and Standards which all members receive free via email. There is also an on-line collection of Regulations, Codes and Standards compiled over the years. It is a one-stop center for vital information from authorities such as BCA, URA, FSSD, LTA, etc

Electronic newsletter, published monthly to update members on the latest local and international design competitions and awards, events and activities and any available job opportunities.

Capability Development

Continuing Professional Development
Throughout the year, Singapore Institute of Architects offers seminars and training programmes targeted at enhancing practitioners’ skills and knowledge in various fields of practice. Members will receive regular email updates and enjoy preferential rates for attending lectures and events.

Senior Architect – Student Mentorship Programme
The Senior Architect-Student Mentorship Programme was re-introduced in 2006 with the objective to help students from the Department of Architecture, NUS, to gain a better understand on the practice of architecture. It is also intended to establish a professional relationship between the students and the firms at an early stage and bridge employment expectation gaps between student and firm, if and when students decide to work with the same firm upon graduation.

Through this Programme, SIA student-members will be assigned to respective Senior Architect Mentors for technical guidance in their architectural education for a period of one year. During this period, Student-members will have the privilege to seek technical-counsel on their course work with their Mentor at a mutually-convenient schedule. Mentors will provide the opportunity for student-members to gain valuable insight into the practical aspect of architectural design and practice. This may be via site visits or even attendance at office project briefings, if appropriate.

Mentors will acquaint student-members with the design and building process, construction methods as well as problems and solutions of architectural practice and design, with an overview for them to understand the entire design and implementation process.

Generally, the programme was viewed as enriching and rewarding for both mentors and students and is still on-going.

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