International Competition: Kharkhorum City Master Planning, Registration closes on 15 Apr 2024

The Mongolian President, the National Assembly, and the Government of Mongolia have
mandated the establishment of the “New Kharkhorum” city in the Orkhon Valley. Some
reasons for creating a new city include overcrowding and pollution in the current capital city,
Ulaanbaatar, and the desire to decentralize government and economic activity. However,
building a new capital city is a complex and multi-faceted undertaking that involves many
considerations. Some essential aspects to consider might include location, infrastructure,
environmental impact, cost, and the population’s needs and preferences.
If Mongolia were to build a new capital city successfully, it could benefit the country in several
ways. For example, it could provide opportunities for economic growth and development,
improve living conditions for residents, and help reduce pollution and congestion in the current
capital city

For more information, please visit the competition website HERE.