IES SCDF: Key Amendments to Fire Code, 15 May 2024

The half-day seminar on key amendments to the fire code, held annually, is a pivotal event for professionals in fire safety and building design, focusing on the latest updates to fire regulations.

This seminar provides a comprehensive overview of significant changes to the fire code, addressing the industry’s need for current information and understanding of new standards. It plays a crucial role in discussing common consultation queries, where participants can gain clarity on challenging aspects of the fire code, ensuring a uniform application of the regulations across projects.

Additionally, the seminar sheds light on common audit findings, highlighting areas where compliance often falls short and offering guidance for improvement. A special session on the fire safety of electrical transformers in underground structures offers targeted insights into managing
these high-risk areas effectively. A notable inclusion is the implementation of Fire-Smoke Dampers according to Form SS333 to COC, highlighting new compliance requirements.

This seminar serves as an essential conduit for professionals to enhance their understanding, improve submission quality and ensure adherence to the latest fire safety standards.

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