IES: Digital Transformation of the Built Environment Industry

Event Date: 28 Oct 2020
Event Time: 2PM – 5PM
Venue: Online Webinar

As the world takes the first steps towards economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, governments are rolling out measures that are expected to enable construction activity to resume safely.

A lesson learnt over the past few months is that digitalisation can make a tremendous contribution to the conduct of businesses -ensuring quality, safety, security and productivity.

Reports published last year indicated that, in Europe, digitalisation of the Built Environment can bring annual savings of billions of dollars. And what the pandemic has highlighted is that digitalisation is also the best option from the point of view of safety.

On its part, the Government of Singapore has committed to financially support firms in the Built Environment sector in the adoption of digital solutions to reduce manpower requirements and keep workers and worksites safe, whilst also raising quality and productivity.

Organised by ‘The Singapore Engineer’, the webinar on ‘Digital transformation of the Built Environment industry’, provides a glimpse of some of the initiatives taken in Finland and in Singapore, towards achieving these objectives.