Hilti: Retrofitting of Facades of Existing Building


SIA Professional Knowledge Series
August 24, 2017 (Thursday) 1.30pm at SIA

Topic 1: Facade Re-skin : Methodology and Challenge

Since independence, Singapore skyline has been continuously being transformed whether by the addition of new buildings or retrofitting of existing buildings. While new buildings creates additional spaces and purpose, older buildings also being refresh and re-skin in order to be able to catch-up with the current usage and functions. Many of the existing buildings build from the 60s to the 80s, event in the 90s are deteriorating as a result of materials lifespan and as well as wear and tear. With the advancement of materials science and technology as well as the new building codes requirement, buildings now could perform in a much efficient environment with less energy consumption. Having this in-mind, building owners are facing dilemma as to whether to rebuild their existing aged buildings or to refurbish. Besides the commercial decision, some buildings are heritage protected or sentimental values for certain owner or organizations.

The objective of this presentation is to provide the audience an overview consideration for a facade re-skin works should the building is slated for refurbishment. Over the years, YKK AP has successfully undertaken several large scale facade re-skin contracts, having obtained the experiences, YKK AP would like to share its learning in undertaking future facade re-skin contracts. Many of the experienced learned are unique only to the facade re-skin works, therefore the presentation contents will be covering re-skin work methodology and as well as the challenges that are unique to this works.

Topic 2: Curtain Wall Perimeter Joint, how to get it right?

When designing for retrofitting of facades in existing buildings, it must be noted that the codes for the curtain wall perimeter joint system may have been different when the building was constructed years ago, as compared to now. In Asia, most countries now have building codes referring to US and EU testing standard. The speaker will discuss the difference between ASTM 2307 and EN1364 curtain wall perimeter joint test and show how this test adapt into local building codes.

There are details we need to pay attention to when we design and construct these perimeter joint systems and how do we make sure this will work for the design life. There will also be sharing on what are the most common misunderstandings when applying these tested systems in Asia.

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