Facilities Management Essentials: Operation Productivity and Cost Management

Date: 21 January 2021
Time:09:00 –12:00 (GMT +0800)

The global COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruptions to the overall economy, including a 2-month lockdown within Singapore where businesses essentially ceased. Within the built environment, the facilities management sector was also impacted considerably; from dealing with shortages of manual labour due to lockdown of foreign worker dormitories, to additional cleaning and disinfection frequencies to minimise risks of cross-contamination and scaling down of preventive maintenance schedules to save costs.

As we move into the recovery phase, there has been greater emphasis on technology adoption and increased productivity, and the market gradually shifts from headcount-based to performance-based contracting with the intention of keeping facilities management expenditures in check. Does technology adoption and performance-based contracting automatically generate cost savings?

In this course, we will examine the current and emerging trends of the facilities management market and how to plan for future contract from both the service buyer and provider’s perspective