Education Thrust

Education is one of the core thrusts of our institute. The Institute believes in continuous learning, championing innovations and promoting thought leadership. The Thrust aims to do the following:

  • Educational programmes of talks and courses
  • Elevate standard of architectural professionalism
  • Offer continuous learning
  • Involve younger architect & students through knowledge sharing

We conduct various Design Talks, Inspirational Talks, Gold Medalist Lecture, Experiential Visits, Sharing Seminars, Architectural Practice Course, Design for Safety Professional Courses and Design for Safety Appreciation (DfSA) Course.

Education Thrust 2023/24

Co-Chairs: Tiah Nan Chyuan, Adrian Lai, Ho Sock Yee

Academy.SIA Pte Ltd (also known as The Architect Academy)



The architecture profession requires a wide-ranging and spectrum of skills especially in recent times with fast changing technology and requirements. Specialized skills and abilities become crucial in the practice of architecture. Be it small, mid or even large firms, keeping abreast of professional knowledge and skills (design, technical, compliance, technology, project and contract administration) are critical in a successful and responsible professional practice. The rapid pace of change makes it crucial for architects to receive training in new skills and re-training of fundamental skills in the new context. It is an innate aspiration of the institute to maintain and grow the capability of the profession.

The Architects Academy is a strategic vehicle launched to consolidate educational and training programmes for our Architects and industry professionals. It aims to enhance the building of the industry’s intellectual capital to sustain the profession for the long haul. Programmes will be aligned with continuing professional development (CPD) requirements in the registration and regulation of architects and the SkillsFuture movement. The Academy will provide a structured curriculum and purposeful coursework to better facilitate learning and “upskilling” in relation to current and future needs of the markets via different methods of conducting the programmes (physical, blended or online).

Board of GovernorsAr. Theodore Chan (Chair), Ar. Melvin Tan, Ar. Tiah Nan Chyuan

Architectural Practice Course


SIA is authorized by Board of Architects (BOA) to develop and manage the Architecture Practice Course (APC).

Attending APC is mandatory for candidates enrolling in BOA’s Professional Practice Examination (PPE). The course is specifically designed with a combination of both theoretical principles and best-practice curriculum.

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Design for Safety Professional (DfSP) Course


SIA is Accredited Training Provider approved by the Ministry of Manpower to conduct DfSP.  On completion of the course, the learner will be accredited with DfS Professional.

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Design for Safety Appreciation (DfSA) Course


This course will touch on the practical approach for architects, developers & contractors to meet new obligations and avoid the pitfalls under the DfS Regulations and also examines the design-for-safety scheme under the Regulations, and focuses on how designers, developers and contractors can go about meeting their design obligations and avoid pitfalls.

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Career Talks on Architecture


To promote architecture to student and to increase their interest in architecture as a career, SIA will conduct career talks at Junior Colleges and Schools.

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Continuing Professional Development Programme (CPD)


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme is established with the principal objective to help architects to develop professionally through continuous updating and upgrading of their skill set and knowledge, so that their knowledge and experience will remain current and relevant in our rapidly changing environment. This is achieved through organizing educational courses, seminars, talks and other events.

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Professional Knowledge Seminar (PKS)


Professional Knowledge Seminars focus on learning experience on technology development, application of materials and systems, advantages and disadvantages, value for money etc. 

Application and technology were illustrated through real projects to enable learning from real experience.  

Inspirational Talks Series

To widen our members’ perspectives, we also invite inspirational speakers and senior political officers to enlighten SIA members on deeper perspectives/ issues in the society that may affect and impact the architectural profession. 

Townhall Thursday Series

The Townhall Thursday Series was launched in 2021 as a new platform to engage members directly. It is not a webinar nor pre-recorded talk but a casual lunchtime conversation on zoom with fellow Architects from the fraternity and gaining valuable insights and ideas.