About the competition

The PLAY@Punggol design competition was launched on 3 February 2023, inviting Singapore-based practising designers to design installations at three locations along Punggol Waterway, to help create more interesting and memorable public spaces. 

The competition is organised by URA and is supported by the National Parks Board and JTC Corporation, with the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) as the appointed Promoter. It provides an opportunity for practising designers to contribute towards the design and activation of public spaces in Singapore. 

The PLAY@Punggol design competition has received positive responses from architects and designers with over 81 submissions. These ideas showcase the passion and interest both architects and designs have in wanting to actively shape and activate the many public spaces around us.

Check out the winning designs that celebrate the different facets of Punggol’s rich history. These designs will also transform the spaces along the Punggol Waterway into fun, playful and delightful places for all to enjoy.

A huge congratulations to the winners of the PLAY@Punggol Project! Looking forward to seeing more creative possibilities that can come out from close partnerships between agencies and industry professionals. 


3 Winners for PLAY@Punggol Project

Pencils by the water by DP Green Pte Ltd

Team: Poornima Bargotra, Thun Kongsub, Yvonne Tan

Inspired by the simple pencil that people use to write, draw, and envision all kinds of possibilities, the winning design for this installation features 12 unique life-sized pencils that will enable people to explore the many different facets of Punggol’s heritage and identity, from past kampongs to its waterway journey and story. People can also enjoy sitting around with some of the structures serving as benches or add their own stories and interact with others through features in these structures such as bird houses and chalkboards.


The jury commended the design: “The design creates an impressionable and iconic look, relating well to its location and context. It can also serve as an attractive place marker and be a great place for people to gather.”


Flora and Fauna Kinetics Playscape by Land Design One Pte Ltd

Team: Kathleen Lacsina, Isabel Allana Bautista, Brian Baker, Neal Samac

Embracing the flora and fauna in Punggol’s landscape, the design of this installation invites people to immerse themselves into an alternate natural world. From beautiful features of bees, dragonflies, and butterflies, this playscape harnesses light and kinetic play, offering a magical experience that encourages people to slow down, savour and enjoy our natural environment in new and different ways.

The jury commended the design: “The design captures the essence of the various species of flora and fauna in Punggol. The kinetic play integrated in the design is a good example of how design can provide a dynamic and engaging play experience that encourages physical activity, creativity, and social interaction across ages.”

Wow, A Crocodile! by Land Design One Pte Ltd

Team: Kathleen Lacsina, Jovan Tong, Choong Yu Huan, Brian Baker, Neal Samac

Punggol used to be a fishing village that had vast mangrove swamps where there were saltwater crocodiles. The design of the installation is a delightful and playful way to recall this aspect of Punggol’s unique history. Both adults and children can enjoy climbing and walking through this delightful giant crocodile, slide down it or play in the sandpit. Its blue belly within is a wave that reflects Punggol Waterway.


The jury commended the design: “Besides paying homage to a part of Punggol’s heritage, this Instagram-worthy design is bold and fun, injecting greater buzz and excitement to the area.”





Such folly! by Prose Architects

Team: Alvin Liau, Adlin Fakhrudin

The installation’s design is inspired by nostalgic children science props such as the cup strong telephone or the periscope to create playful follies that can serve as an anchor along the promenade and encourage us to connect with one another and our surroundings.


Symphony of Punggol by Designshop Pte Ltd

Team: Samuel Lee, Jesselyn Lim, Lim Chen Hee and Tieh Zu Guang

The pavilion design drew inspiration from Punggol’s history as a fishing village, evolving into a vibrant eco-town while preserving its strong connection to the water. The team translated this inspiration into organic curves, symbolising the harmony of nature and the flowing waterway.


Playground @ Mangroves by Ren Architecture

Team: Gan Ren Yu

The design of the installation is inspired by mangroves reimagined as an explorative space for play and rest. Its arched structures are inspired by the mangrove stilt roots. 



Sc(r)aping the Surface by Provolk Architects

Team: Jonathan Poh and Jovi Lim

The team explored creating a series of fun follies for all three locations of the competition. An “airscraper” for people to step up to get a panoramic view of the park, a “groundscraper” in the form of a sand pit for people to get closer to the ground and a “waterscaper”, a submerged structure that bring people closer to the water. The “groundscaper” idea was eventually selected as the key focus for the design of the installation.


Fly with Me Hor! @ Punggol by TAt Architects

Team: Lee Tat Haur, Tham Xin Kai, Oh Ahrum, Bronwyn Tan, Carissa Chin

Inspired by bird singing clubs that are a common sight around many housing estates and parks in Singapore, the design of the installation embraces this tradition, creating a cosy space for bird lovers and the community to come together. 


Magic of the Mangroves by Kenneth Chen, Charis Boh

The installation serves as an experiential poem designed to reflect the mangrove roots emerging from the swampland. Beyond shade and rest, the installation offers resting places for people, a fun jungle-gym experience and it comes alive at night with special lighting.



How Now Brown Cow? by RSP Architects & Engineers Pte Ltd

Team: Mark Wong, Kristine Tagaban, Lai Yann Ting, Madeni Jais

Playing on the wild cow of the nearby Coney Island, the designs of the installations envisioned for all three locations of the competition presents a series of interactive art sculptures and pieces. With some pieces tapping on Augmented Reality, it is hoped that people are encouraged to further explore, learn, and imagine the many stories and heritage of Punggol, from the past, to present and the future.