3.1 Participation Requirements

  • SIA Fellow and Corporate Members:
    All SIA Fellow and Corporate Members are invited to submit projects for selection in all Categories A to F.
  • SIA Associate Members:
    SIA Associate Members may submit projects for selection only in Category F (Interior Architecture).
  • No Limit of Entries by one entity:
    There is no limit on the number of entries that can be submitted under a company or name.
  • All entries/submission must adhere to the Awards Terms and Conditions

3.2 Project Eligibility

  • The projects submitted must have been completed during the last 5 years and with TOP obtained latest by 1 Feb 2020.
  • A project may be entered in more than one category, but a separate entry (and separate fee payment) will be required for each submission.
  • Entries that have previously won a Design Award or an Honourable Mention in the past cycles are not eligible for entry.
  • Entries that have been previously submitted in the past cycles are not eligible for entry.
  • Architects / Designers (where applicable) of Shortlisted Finalists shall present their project to the judges during the site visit, if a project visit is required. It is the participant’s responsibility to obtain the requisite consent from building owner to access the building on the appointed date.
  • Failure to comply with these requirements may be grounds for disqualification.

3.3 Submission Requirements

  • All submission materials shall be in English.
  • This is an anonymous awards competition. Anonymity is to be observed in all content submitted including the A1 panel image, the report and the text summary.
  • Submissions which do not meet or comply with the submission guidelines or found to contain identifying sign or mark that may, in any way, contribute to identifying entrant shall be disqualified.
  • Submission of all entries must be completed by 16 Mar 2020, 12 noon (GMT +8). Incomplete submission will not be considered. Entrants must submit their submissions to the following website:
  • No submission (partial or full) will be accepted after 16 Mar 2020, 12 noon (GMT +8).
  • The Institute is not liable for any Internet or web disruptions that may affect the timeliness of submissions.

3.4 Submission Material

3.4.1 Two A1 Landscape Layout Images

  • The two (2) A1 layout images of landscape format (in jpg) should
    include a site plan demarcating the boundary of the area to be judged and showing relevant context,
  • include description of the design concept and photographs. Sketches may be included if deemed necessary,
  • include architectural line drawings (plans, sections, elevations, etc) describing the architecture, and
  • consist of up to a maximum of 15 images accompanied with captions

3.4.2 Individual Photos / Images

  • Maximum of 15 representative project images (drawings and photographs) used in layout and design report are to be uploaded individually (in jpg format).
  • The following information are the minimum in this upload that needs to be provided (except Sub-Categories E2 Alterations & Additions and E3 Conservation and Category F Interior Architecture)
    1. site plan showing context
    2. entrance level plan and 1 other floor plan
    3. one section
    4. interior views
    5. exterior views
  • For Sub-Categories E2 Alterations & Additions and E3 Conservation, ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs of external, interior and detail shall also be required.
  • For Overseas Categories, 4 A1 Board images and max 30 images / 1 video upload. Finalists will be invited to present to the jury panel.

3.4.3 Project Description Report

The Project Description Report comprises the following:

  • A four-page (maximum) report (in pdf format, A4-size) comprising name and location of the project
    plans, sections and illustrative diagrams of the concept
    description of the project
    1. Setting out client’s brief,
    2. Planning constraints,
    3. Materials and method of construction,
    4. Any other noteworthy design challenges and features,
    5. Captions for each image used

3.4.4 Project Summary

A 300-words (maximum) project summary (entered as text in the submission website).

3.4.5 Recognition of Joint Authorship and/or Associate Designer

Where the project is carried out in association with another firm, due recognition must be accorded to the other firm. However, the participant must be the principal / main architect of the project submitted. The entrant shall be solely responsible for ensuring the submission is agreed and consented by the authors, including joint authors, before making the submission.

3.4.6 Accuracy of Submitted Information

  • Ensure that all information and spelling is correct in the forms as this information may appear in publications and on the plaques. Any errors on your part will be corrected at your expense. The onus of submitting the most updated and complete information pertaining to the submission (e.g. project information and consultant details) lies with the submitting party. Any missed information may result in disqualification.
  • SIA accepts no responsibility for publication of incorrect spelling or inaccurate information supplied with the entry.

3.5 Participation Fee

The participation fee is as follows:

1st entry

$450 +GST (i.e. $481.50)

2nd entries

$350 +GST (i.e. $374.50)

Each subsequent entry after the 2nd entry

$300 +GST ($321)

Payments are to be made together with the online submission. Acceptable mode of payment is credit cards (VISA/Mastercard/AMEX) or Paypal.

3.6 No Refund Policy

Entries are not eligible for a refund if they do not meet the requirements of the jury, withdrawn after the closing date, or disqualified.

3.7 Duties & Obligation of Entrants

Participation in the SIA Architectural Design Awards implies that unconditional acceptance of the contents of the Awards Terms and Conditions.

  • SIA Fellow / Corporate Members must be registered with the Board of Architects, Singapore, with a current Practicing Certificate (a copy to be uploaded as part of the submission). This is applicable for submission in Categories A, B, C, D and E.
  • All participants/partners/directors of participating firms must have no arrears with the Institute.
  • Each participant is duty- and ethics-bound to ensure his/her submission materials are authorised, and there shall be no copyrights or ownership issues with any other party/-ies related to the project/s submitted and the materials contained therein.
  • The Architect of the Shortlisted Finalists shall present the projects to the Jury Panel during the site visit(s), except for those in the Overseas categories wherein the presentation shall be in Singapore.
  • All participants are not permitted to publish the results prior to the notification of the Jury’s final decision and official announcements by SIA. The Institute reserves the right to disqualify any entry which does not comply with the requirements.
  • All announced winners for the awards may be required to participate in media interviews, public exhibitions and show case sessions (including sharing session on winning philosophies and others), to present the ideas encapsulated within the design. Failure to participate in these events may be grounds for disqualification.

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Intellectual Property Rights

SIA shall have the right to publish, display, reproduce or otherwise publicise or communicate all submissions submitted, subject to appropriate citation and acknowledgement of the authors. Such right shall be exercisable by SIA without any payment, charge or fee whatsoever to any person.The winners shall also allow their project (including representations of the design and the names of the architectural practice, developer, other main consultants and builder) to be published on the URA Architecture Excellence Portal.

SIA reserves the right to retain all submissions for the Competition for display after the winning ideas have been announced. SIA will inform all participants in writing to collect those submissions no longer required by SIA within a specified time, after which they would be disposed of.


Entrant may send queries in English by email to SIA Secretariat at Such email shall clearly state “SIAADA 2020” as the subject heading. Only upon receipt of an acknowledgement email sent by the SIA Secretariat shall the query be officially registered for a response. Deadline for submission of questions is 10 Feb 2020.

Responses to all queries will be made known via a posting on Awards Website ( on or before 17 Feb 2020.

Entrant who elects to apply for participation after 10 Feb 2020 shall void their rights to submit any query. However, a copy of the responses to the registered queries will be extended to these late applicants.