Architours 2023 – 6 Tours Open for Registration

Architours 2023

Architours is a series of guided tours around Singapore offering participants exclusive access to some of the city’s best newly built architectural works, and includes behind-the-scenes tours and insights with the architect in person. Architours features a diversity of built projects, from residential homes to commercial spaces. Architours comprises sessions of unique tours over 2 weekends, with each tour bringing participants to three sites.

Architours is an annual crowd favourite at Singapore Archifest, open to industry professionals and the general public. Led by chaperons from The Architecture Society (TAS) at the National University of Singapore (NUS), Architours curate a series of hand-picked architectural works that are aligned with the festival theme and offer exclusive access into these architectural gems. Participants are invited to join an immersive experience that brings them closer than ever to selected architectural projects with the architects who brought them to life, as they share their insights on the processes of design and construction.

Pickup point for all Architour sessions is the lobby of PARKROYAL on Beach Road.

Register for your tours via the below links:

For more information, visit Archifest 2023 Website (HERE).