Archifest Pavilion Design Competition 2020

Archifest 2020 - Architecture Saving Our World

“Architecture Saving Our World” is not about grand architecture or the magnificence of architecture, but about new ideas and responsible designs that benefit our ecology and humanity – climate change, public health, social equity and cultural continuity. Some of these have yet to make their way into mainstream architecture, but there is no lack of the spirit of ‘creative activism’ within the profession; of architects testing concepts and postulations.

SINGAPORE ARCHIFEST 2020 seeks to bring forth this spirit and to demonstrate how architecture has the power to impact and ultimately save our world.

Archifest Pavilion

The Pavilion has always been the physical manifestation of the spirit of Singapore Archifest. As a temporary structure and a common space accessible and enjoyed by everyone, it embodies redefinition and innovation of the multi-sensorial public space in Singapore.

The Pavilion is also the headquarters of the festival, a place where projects are showcased, events are run, and ideas are shared and discussed throughout the festival.

To these ends this year is no different, except that our world has changed dramatically.

The environmental, socio economic and public health crises have converged, especially drastically so in the past few months.

The SIA-LES Pavilion 2020 thus offers a timely opportunity for us to reflect and rethink the ethic and aesthetic code for architecture, as well as to extend its role and agenda at the frontline.

Past Pavilions:


Launch of Competition:
11 May 2020

Registration Deadline for Competition Briefing:
15 May 2020

Competition Briefing: (via Zoom):
18 May 2020, 10am – 11am

Closing Date for Queries:
20 May 2020

Publication of Response to Queries:
22 May 2020

Submission Deadline:
8 June 2020, 12 Noon

Presentation by Shortlisted Finalists:
10 June 2020


Sponsored By:

2020 Jury Panel

Prof. (Dr.) Chong Keng Hua
(Festival Director, Singapore Archifest 2020)

Ar. Chu Yang Keng
(Founder, IX Architects Pte Ltd)

Mr. Huang Ming
(CEO, SG-Glass)

Ar. Khoo Peng Beng
(Partner, ARC Studio Architecture + Urbanism)

Ar. Christina Thean
(Honourary Secretary & Co-Chairman of Design Thrust, SIA)