Archifest 2019

About Archifest

Archifest (Singapore Architectural Festival) began in 2007 as an annual festival for the city to celebrate architecture and the built environment. It is a platform for everyone to discuss, debate and dream about the possibilities surrounding architecture and our city. This festival celebrates the importance of architecture in place-making. A city’s built, spatial environment coheres identity amidst the flux of global cities and captures the shared imagination of its people, even as Singaporeans collectively shape the making of the city towards the future.
Organised by the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA), Archifest advocates for vibrancy in local design culture by creating opportunities for the public and architectural professionals to interact. The exciting program line-up consisting of architours, talks, film screenings and workshops have been designed to stimulate curiosity and nurture a design-conscious society through engaging conversations.


This year’s Archifest will be focused  on the theme of Craft, exploring  the materiality and techniques that  architects developed while working  alongside artisans.

Throughout the ages, architecture has always been preoccupied with the bespoke. Working alongside artisans, architects develop deep understandings of materiality and technique to reflect the genius loci of a place. This year, we are pleased to reveal that the theme for the festival is Craft.

This discussion is timely and relevant as the practice and the construction landscape is rapidly evolving. If the broadest definition of craft is about precision that demands laborious attention and skilled handwork, where would we locate it within the realm of architectural production or construction in an age where expediency and efficiency are privileged?

While we wish to focus on the role of craft in the discourse of architecture, the theme has the potential to encompass far more.

The maker culture that leverages highly on open source and technology hacks the longstanding artisan mode of production. While the cut and paste approach democratizes and demystifies what used to be exclusive to a select few, it does raise questions on issues of equity and ethics.

Through the series of master lectures, panel discussions, exhibitions, tours and workshops, we wish to engage the fraternity, academics, agencies and the public alike in a richer understanding of craft.

In understanding Craft, the festival seeks to explore its multi-faceted manifestations through three different allegories, Objects, Time and Digital, each distinctive in its influence on the evolution of Craft.

The festival wishes to honour and recognize those among us that have dedicated a lifetime to perfecting their craft of architecture. Craft has always been an intrinsic part of architecture since time immemorial. We celebrate Craft because in the act of making, we discover a sense of joy and wonder – elements vital to being human.

Alan Tay, one of the founding partners of Formwerkz, has been confirmed as the Festival Director for Archifest 2019.

Selected by URA as one of the ’20 Under 45’ rising architects in 2009, Alan also serves as adjunct assistant professor at the School of Architecture, NUS.

He believes in the transformative power of Architecture in effecting change and making the world a better place.

Expect the familiar master lectures, panel discussions, exhibitions, tours and workshops that has been well-received over the years.