Appeal for Donation: Earthquake Disaster Assistance in Lombok Island, Indonesia

Dear members,
The events on Lombok Island is severe and ongoing. We have received an appeal from IAI encapsulated in the following email:

Dear ARCASIA Institutes Presidents and Designated Contact Persons,
On behalf of Ar. Sathirut Tandanand, Immediate Past President of ARCASIA and Coordinator of Disaster Help ARCASIA 2018, I am forwarding you the information regarding Earthquake disaster assistance in Lombok Island, Indonesia. Kindly send your contribution directly to IAI account in the attached letter of request or provide Donations and Emergency Shelter Information directly to IAI during ACA 18 Council Meeting to be held on September 11-12 in Tokyo.

Best regards,

Salila Trakulvech (Ms.)
Foreign Affairs Coordinator

Enclosed IAI Letter

The institute appeal to all members to give generously to this effort as a show of solidarity as a regional community especially in moments of crisis.
To coordinate this from SIA we have created a new project with the email
All enquiries on this matter and offer of donation can be directed to the above email.
Thank You.
Yours Sincerely,

Seah Chee Huang
President, 58th Council 2018/2018
Singapore Institute of Architects