Academy.SIA: Introduction to the Regulatory Approval Process via CORENET X (4th Run – Open for registration)

To support the streamlining of the regulatory approval workflow across multiple agencies for all the new building works in the Built Environment Sector, CORENET X will be progressively rolled out from the end of 2023 onwards. 

CORENET X will facilitate upfront planning and design to enable project teams to better collaborate synergistically, for a coordinated BIM submission to regulatory agencies. These agencies will then review and provide a consolidated response.

The course aims to provide participants with CORENET X knowledge pertaining to:

  • rational and benefits to the industry at large
  • new regulatory approval workflow and associated requirements
  • implementation timeline

Participants will also be engaged with case studies to better illustrate CORENET X submission requirements for different types of developments.

Event Details

Date: 29 September 2023 (Run 4)

Duration: 1 day

Time: 9am – 6pm 

Venue: SIA Lounge Level 2

For more information, please refer to the course registration page HERE.