SIA Architectural Design Awards 2021

Prizes & Awards

5.1 Recognition of Project Team

The award recognises the project team comprising:

a. the Architect;

b. the Owner / Client;

c. the Main Contractor;

d. 5 Consultants/Specialists of mention (C&S, M&E, QS, Lighting, Interior).

5.2 Design Award and Merit Award

Winning projects will receive a Design Award or Merit Award. Plaques will be presented to the following:

  • one for the Architect, and
  • one wall plaque for the building (for the owner/client).

A certificate will be presented to the respective parties in the project team.

There may be more than one Design Awards or Merit Awards for each category, or none. The Jury has sole discretion of this.

5.3 Building of the Year

Subject to Jury’s findings, SIA will consider a special award, Building of the Year. This will be selected from the Design Award winning schemes of the SIA Architectural Design Awards 2021.

5.4 Publicity for Winning Schemes

a. The winning schemes (Building of the Year, Design Awards and Merit Awards) will be published in The Singapore Architect (TSA) Magazine.

b. The applicant of a winning project shall be invited to give a presentation and guided tours at the annual Archifest /Architours and to attend the Award Presentation as a winning team.

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