SIA Architectural Design Awards 2021


The SIA Architectural Design Awards series is the most prestigious award conferred by the Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) to promote and encourage distinction in architectural design.
The Awards recognises the achievements of SIA Members in their pursuit of building excellence and innovation to contribute to architectural conversations that are current in the world. The Awards also aims to heighten the appreciation and patronage of good architectural design from the architectural fraternity and the general public.
This Year, the Awards process will be entirely virtual, from entry submission, judging to presentation. This paradigm shift gives us the opportunity to streamline participation processes, and importantly, to continue to engage with international jury and community. This will also encourage entrants to partake in the international shift towards digital and remote means of representing and presenting architectural design and narratives. We also hope to shine the spotlight on projects that demonstrate design resilience, responsiveness to new design sensibilities, environmental sustainability and well-being for its users and inhabitants in these times.
To these ends, the Awards Committee encourages participation through the reduction of entry fees and simplified submission process. Each project needs only to be entered once for a fee and may be entered in many categories. Furthermore, from second project onwards, the fee is reduced and is charged a flat fee for subsequent entries from the same firm. Through this year’s awards, we hope to show solidarity, to support and stay positively hopeful in a disruptive time.
The Institute invites all eligible members to participate in the SIA Architectural Design Awards 2021.

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