SIA Architectural Design Awards 2021

Judging Process

4.1 Judging Criteria

The main criteria for judging are:

a. Architectural Quality,

b. Originality / Innovation

c. Sensitivity to Context,

d. Environmental Sustainability & Climatic Response,

e. Response to Users’ Needs, and

f. Elegance of Construction & Detail.

4.2 Jury Decision

a. The Jury may choose to reallocate an entry at its discretion to a different category where deemed necessary. In the case of a project entered separately for different categories, it shall be the Jury’s sole discretion to judge the project under the category which, in their opinion, is the most fitting for the project.

b. The decision of the Jury is final and shall not be negotiated, contested, reviewed, challenged or appealed against by any party through any means or process whatsoever. The Jury may, at their own discretion, decide not to give any award for any of the category.

4.3 Jury Composition

The Jury Panel will comprise

Jury Panel:

    • Ar. Richard Lai, President, Singapore Institute of Architects (Chairperson)
    • Professor Ho Puay Peng, Head of Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore;
    • Ar. Yip Yuen Hong, Partner, ipli Architects;
    • Mr Pitupong Chaowakul, Founder, Supermachine Studio;
    • Adjunct Professor Kirsti Simpson, Principal, Hassell Ltd

Facilitator / Moderator for Jury Panels:

    • Ar. Chin Kean Kok, Chairperson for SIA Design Awards Committee
    • Ar. Ng William, SIA Design Awards Committee
    • Ar. Wu Yen Yen, SIA Design Awards Committee

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